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Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011

Z3Z : Dragon Nest Online ( SEA )

Genre :Action MMORPG
Developer :Eyedentity Games
International :Nexon
Payment :Free to Play
Website : [SEA server]; Facebook
Status :OBT 16 Agustus 2011

Sebagai sebuah action MMORPG, Dragon Nest memfitur grafik luar biasa dan action gesit yang dapat dibandingkan dengan game console.

Respon dari gerakan karakter dan monster serta interaksi antara landform dengan aktifitas player didesain sangat realistik. Pada waktu monster diserang, ia akan menabrak dengan batu atau obstacle lainnya.

The game can be controlled by both keyboard and mouse, with a cursor at center part of the screen, allowing players to commence conversations with NPC, trade, team up, and target monsters like FPS games. The operation is very smooth and easy to master. Moreover, by pressing movement keys (WSAD) for consecutive 2 times, player can launch the newly-added dodge function, which greatly strengthens the action.

PVP System
The arena system in Dragon Nest supports many modes, among which, one is the Round Mode that supports maximum 7 rounds, and one is the Respon Mode that ranks players according to the enemies they have killed respectively. More modes will be available in the future. The game also provides 1 vs 1 PVP and maximum 8 vs 8 large-scale combat. In order to ensure the smoothness of large-scale combat, the room master in PVP mode can decide whether other players can barge in the game. In addition, the level distribution system allows players to easily locate eligible competitors. Low-level players too can experience PVP mode.

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